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make a reservation 预约 make a reservation 订餐; 例句: 1. Do you want to make a reservation for tonight? 您是想预订今晚的餐位吗? 2. Can we make a reservation here? 我们能在这预约吗

楼上两人答错了,自己不专业还误导别人-_- 首先,要和不要都可以,但是适用语境完全不同。用a的时候一般这个reservation表示的意思适“预定”,比如说餐厅或是酒店。不用a的时候,表示的则是“保留”,或者有些人的也把这个当电脑里的“保存”用。所以...

Dialogue AA:Room Reservations.Good afternoon.B:Id like to book a double room for Tuesday next week.A:Thats fine, sir. A double room for Tuesday, September12th, with a front view or rear view?B:Whats the price differ...



reservation 是特指预定旅馆,机票,车票等等对象是物.而appointment则特指是见面,约会等,对象为人,注意区分.

reservation 是特指预定旅馆,机票,车票等等对象是物。而appointment则特指是见面,约会等,对象为人,注意区分。


1 Do I have to make a reconfirmation? 我还要再确认吗? 2 Is there any earlier one? 还有更早一点的吗? 3 Could you tell me my reservation number,...

1He has made reservation for a room in this hotel.2The tiger is hunting for food3 The school promised to provide 100 new desks for the students4Jay Chou is very popular with the young people5 Turn over the letter, you'll find a...

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