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many 的用法和much不同之处是: many 用以修饰可数名词. 而much 则是用以修饰不可数名词. 例: There are many people don't understand English. 人可数 Many boys like you. 男孩可数 Too much money has been spent in education 钱不可数 Too much water in the soup 水不可数 很希望会对你有帮助.

(1)many修饰复数可数名词,表许多; much修饰不可数名词,表量或程度. he has many friends, but few true ones. there hasn't been much good weather recently. (2)many a: many a和many同义,但语气比较强,并且要与单数名词及单数形动词

much 一般与不可数名词做搭配,而many一般与可数名词做搭配

many的读音:英 [meni];美 [mni] adj.许多,多的 pron.(与复数动词连用)大多数人 一、许多 In these and several other respects, there are many inventions and exaggerations 在这些方面和其他几个方面都存在许多捏造与夸张之处.二、

many 加复数 mang a 加单数,整体也表示复数的意思

many读法:英 ['men] 美 ['mni] 释义:1、pron. 许多;许多人2、adj. 许多的3、n. (Many)人名;(法)马尼 例句:1、They lighted the temple with many candles.他们用许多蜡烛照亮这个寺庙.2、In the zoo we saw many monkeys running


Many,much都意为"许多",many 可数名词,much 不可数名词.\x0dHow many people are there at the meeting?\x0dHow much time has we left?many用于修饰可数名词,

many 英[meni] 美[mni] adj. 1.许多, 多的 pron. 1.许多 2.(与复数动词连用)大多数人 形容词 adj.1.许多, 多的 Not many people can write with the left hand.用左手写字的人并不多.The dishes were many, but they were all poorly cooked.菜


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