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主格:I 我 we 我们宾格:me 我 us我们 I like English very much. We are good friends .He wants to go shopping with me/ us.

I是第一人称单数 me是宾格 we是我们

石井欲之的 把人的性格分成了We(我们)型和Me(我)型 Me型:乐意别人关注、关心自己的生活。 We型:不愿意别人的目光聚集在自己身上,尤其是她独自的,没有别人参与的那部分生活。 Me型人的生活重心是“我”。自身的成就能给他们带来最大的快乐...

of you 因为你 I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me 我...When it wasn't even whole to start with 甚至当它一开始就不是完整的

Centuries - Fall Out Boy Some legends are told Some turn to dust or to gold But you will remember me Remember me for centuries And just one mistake Is all it will take. We'll go down in history Remember me for centuries Remembe...

(We're TALKING BODY,Put it on meIf you love me rightWe fuck for life,on and on and on)Now if we're TALKING BODYYou've got a perfect one,so...

Hymn For The Weekend - Coldplay Woman:Drink from me drink from me Oh-ah-oh-ah Drink from me drink from me Oh-ah-oh-ah Then we'll ...

It slowly turned, you let me burn感情慢慢变质,你燃烧了我And now, we’re ashes on the ground所以现在,我们烧成落在地上的灰Don’t you ever say I ...

Seasons in the sun

we are one-kelly sweet一首很柔美的歌 我也很喜欢

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