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①my family rules there are some rules in my family. i have to get up at six o'clock every morning.i have to do homework after school.i can't watch tv and play computer games on school nights. on weekends, i have to clean my room and visit my

My family rules There are many rules in my family.such as do not eat in the bed, do not talk loudy,study carefuly and so on.I am always busy with my lessons and I have a lot of homework to do every night,but my parents still call me wash clothes and

Here are our class rules.We can't arrive late for class on weekdays.We have to wear clean clothes every day.We can't run in the hallways.We have to eat and drink in the dining room.We have to clean our classroom every day.

my family there are four people in my family.they are my father,my mother,my brother and i.my mother is very beautiful.she is an engineer.she is very kind to me.my father is a worker.he works hard.he is strict with me.my brother is a 12-year-old boy.he

My parents are very strict.Because I have so many family rules.For example,i can't go out with my friends at school nights.On weekends, i have to go home before nine p.m. It's strict, but i think it's necessary.And i must finish my homework in time. I

My Family Rules My family has many rules like my school. But my family rules are different from my school rules, my school rules are for students, family rules are for family member. My family rules: first, after dinner, everyone take turns do the dishes;

My Family RulesMy parents are very strict.Because I have so many family rules.For example,i can't go out with my friends at school nights.On weekends,i have to go home before nine p.m.It's strict,but

my family rules maybe some family both have their own rules. so how about mine? well, i have too many rules and these are so strict for me. now,let me show you some of my family rules:no. 1,don`t stay out late and don`t come back home late.no. 2,

My mom is 38 years old mow,she has a pair of pitch-black eyes and hair. She doesn't look very beautiful and tender,but her nose looks nice and a little bit fat.When I take a good look at her,I can see her winkle which was appeared by concerning

my英 [ma] 美 [ma] adj.我的(I的所有格形式)int.啊呀;天啊family英 [fmli] 美 [fmli] n.家庭;家族;孩子;祖先adj.家庭的;一家所有的;属于家庭的;适合全家人的rules英 ['ru:lz] 美 ['ru:lz] n.规章;规程;条例;守则(rule的复数);规则( rule的名词复数 );统治;习惯;尺

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