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nutritional: [ nju: 'trinl ] a. 营养的,滋养的 英英解释: 形容词nutritional: 1. of or relating to or providing nutrition 同义词:nutritionary nutritious: [ nju:'tris ] a. 有营养成份的,营养的 词形变化: 副词:nutritiously 名词:nutritiousness 例句

nutrient = 名词nutritious = 描述一样东西有多么有营养意思不一样的.

节约食物的:There is a picture which aims at suggesting the importance of saving food. In the picture, a very fat man throws away half of all the food in plate while a quite thin man in the trash can wants



How to Lose Weight A beautiful and healthy figure is everyone's dream. However, not everyone can easily fulfill this dream. Overweight people often have to find precise ways to lose weight. For normal healthy people, weight is gained by taking in

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