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主:the child had been badly treated,谓:was,宾:obvious(to everyone).

很明显 very apparent very obvious very significant

by definition

obvious all the more亲:祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V!望采纳,thx!

It is/was obvious that是一个主语从句句型,意思:很明显…….

obvious:[ 'bvis,-vjs ] 明显的,显而易见的词形变化:副词:obviously 名词:obviousness

obvious的形式:1、副词:obviously 2、名词:obviousness obvious 读法 英 ['bvis] 美 ['bvis] 作形容词的意思是: 明显的;显然的 短语1、obvious lies 明显的假话2、perfectly obvious 十分明显的3、obvious in his distrust 明显的不信任

1. It is obvious that she is wrong. 2. I am curious about the universe. 3. I graduated from Chongqing University. 4. They'll work on till sunset. 5. Sometimes I go by car. 6. Many boys dream of becomi

很明显It is obvious;It's obvious that


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