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1. The Importance English There can be no doubt that English is one of the world's most widely used languages. People use a language in one of three ways: as a native language, as a second language, or as a foreign languge. English is spoken

[ORICOMPLEX (orico)] ANGEL DUST II (クインズブレイド)

给你找了一篇,中文就没有了,但我相信你能看懂的:new zealandisland country, south pacific ocean. area: 104,454 sq mi (270,534 sq km). population (2005 est.): 4,096,000. capital: wellington. most of the people are of european origin; about


Volcano This article is about volcanoes. For the action movie, see Volcano (movie). Eruption redirects here. For other meanings of the word eruption, see eruption (disambiguation) A volcano is a geological landform (usually a mountain) where a



英语词根 摘要:学英语要掌握大量的词汇,而掌握好词缀,是提高词汇量的有效途径.比如, 在某些动词后面加上象“-er, -or, etc.”就可以构成名词,表示“从事某种职业的 人”或者“某一类的人”.仔细观察一下,会发现其略有不同.下面

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