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pedestrians 英[p'destrns] 美[p'destrrns] n. 步行者( pedestrian的名词复数 ); [例句]The drivers of motor vehicles should pay greater attention to the safety of the pedestrians. 驾车者要多注意行人的安全. [其他] 原型: pedestrian

pedestrians行人双语对照词典结果:pedestrians[英][p'destrns][美][p'destrrns]n.步行者( pedestrian的名词复数 ); 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Certainly on wednesday doubletree earned the attention of pedestrians in the


pedestrians n. 行人(pedestrian的复数)网络释义 专业释义 英英释义 路人 行人 迷路人 步行者短语No Pedestrians 禁行行人 ; 不准行人通行Caution Pedestrians 注意行人Vehicles pedestrians 车辆行人

pedestrians only双语例句1. Copenhagen was the first city to declare a street for pedestrians only. 哥本哈根是第一个划出行人徒步区的城市.来自互联网2. Copenhagen was the first city declare a streetfor pedestrians only. 哥本哈根是第一个划出步行街的城市.


facilities for pedestrians为行人提供的设施有不会的可以再问我

1. 忙于做,专心于2. 忙碌3. 被……所占据 1. The citizens seem to be occupied with their own business, and even the pedestrians look so leisurely.街上的市民各做各的活儿,行人也都从容不迫. 2. Increase their sincerity, so that with all humility

if条件句中,如果省略if,则if从句需要全倒装.比如 if I were 25, I would marry you.= were I 25, I would marry you.所以这句话完整的应该是 First of all, relevant laws and regulations should be established to severely punish those who violate traffic

pedestrian[英][pdestrin][美][pdstrin]n.步行者; 行人; adj.徒步的; 平淡无奇的; 一般的; 复数:pedestrians例句:1.Such a car would also spot a pedestrian stepping into the road and brake. 具有这些装置的汽车也许能够发现路上的行人并自动刹车

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