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goto 1是将记录指针移动到记录号是1的记录,go top是移动到第一条记录,如果有索引打开第一条记录不一定是记录号为1的记录,而且如果表内一条记录都没有的话,goto 1会出错,但是go top不会出错.如果表内有记录而且无索引打开goto1与go top的效果是一样的.

life on top处于优势的生活on top[英][n tp][美][n tp]在上面; 处于优势例句:1.Perhaps we'll sing hymns rhapsodizing our role as an ornate node in a vast network ofnew life that is spawning on top of the old. 自旧的生命系统中诞生出新生命的

fashion on top时尚之上Laying emphasis on producing furniture casters and be on the top of fashion with attractive design. 着重于生产家具脚轮系列,以带领潮流、设计时尚款式为主.

您的问题很简单.呵呵.百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题.原句:life on top 翻译:在生活上百度知道永远给您最专业的英语翻译.

coming out on top 名列前茅;居榜首 例句: 1. He offers the following five tips for coming out on top in pay negotiations: 他传授了应聘者在薪资谈判中占据主动的五大秘诀: 2. European cities have some of the highest daily parking rates, with

"Play on top"翻译中文 "停止播放"

1.pull on向上拉2. push up向上推,推上去3.lift up 抬起4.close up 关闭5.fill up 填满6.tie up 系紧

《Music on Top》是JTBC的一档新概念音乐排行节目,使观众们可以一眼看到一周音乐的走势情况,并给观众带来最有歌手的破格配舞和表演.

1.a seat座,座位,; a place位置,职位,处境,; a site地点,场所,遗址; a location位置,场所,特定区域; a position 位置,职位,立场,形势,阵地(in space) 2.a place or position位置,职位,处境 (in an organization组织,机构,团体)

last sunday i went to see my aunt with my brother. my aunt made some beef sandwiches for us. they were very delicious. after lunch, i asked my aunt to teach me how to make a beef sandwich. first, she put a teaspoon of butter on a slice of bread.

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