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prEtEnD to Do sth造句

时态上有去边,分别是:假装做什么 假装正在做什么 假装已经做了什么 学习快乐,求采纳

He pretended not to find him.

We must be careful of thieves when we are on bus. The little boy pretends to do his homework. The oil is used up,we must buy some. The director of the local zoo take good care of the animals.

pretend to be doing 为动词不定式的进行时态,是强调不定式的动作正在进行的过程中. pretend to do 为动词不定式的一般式,是强调假装要做某事,而不一定正在进行或者是已经发生. 还有一种完成式pretend to have done 强调假装后面的动作已经完成.

I agree to go hiking with him.我同意和他一起去远足.We agree to help the old people do some housework on weekends .我们同意周末帮老人做一些家务活.He agreed to do it at once.他同意立刻行动.

1. 假装(要)去做某事 If you pretend to know what you don't know, you'll only make a fool of yourself.不懂装懂就会闹笑话.2. 假装在做某事Yet it needs, as a political matter, to pretendto be doing something.但是,从政治方面来考虑,它还是需要装模作样,摆摆姿态.3. 假装已经做了某事He pretended to have forgotten the conversation afte rthat night.他假装已经忘记这个除夕所说的话.

pretend to do sth如:pretend to be asleep假装睡觉

be dying to do sth 非常想做某事 ; 迫切想做某事 ; 渴望做某事 ; 很想干某事 例如:I am dying to get your support.我渴望得到您的支持.

I have decided to study harder and make more progress

1.dream of 2.pretend to be/do sth 3.pretend to be +doing sth 4.pretend to have done sth 5.attachto 6.rely on 7.be+adj.+enough to do 8.get familiar with 9.break up

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