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privacy (名词)有以下意思: 隐私,秘密;隐居; 私事;不受公众干扰的状态; 复数:privacies形近词:privaryprivate 【例句】 You're a menace to my privacy, Kenworthy. 肯沃西,你这人真讨厌,居然侵犯我的隐私.

名词 n. 1.隐退,隐居;(不受干扰的)独处;清静[U]I felt I needed privacy. 我感到我需要清静.2.秘密,私下[U]3.【古】退隐处,隐居处[C]4.私事;私生活;隐私[U]

privacy 英[prvsi] 美[pravsi] n. 隐私,秘密; 隐居; 私事; 不受公众干扰的状态; you're a menace to my privacy, kenworthy. 肯沃西,你这人真讨厌,居然侵犯我的隐私.


individualism 英 [nd'vdj()lz()m] 美 [,nd'vdulzm]n. 个人主义;利己主义;个人特征privacy ['prvs; 'pra-] n. 隐私;秘密;隐居;隐居处

privacypri.va.cyn.(名词)The quality or condition of being secluded from the presence or view of others.隐退,隐居:脱离人群或不见他人的性质或状态The state of being free from unsanctioned intrusion:隐私:免受非法入侵的状态:a person's right to privacy.个人隐私权The state of being concealed; secrecy.保密:隐藏的状况;隐匿

how much privacy is too much?pricacy is important, i mean.don't take me the wrong way. everyone need privacy like you can't just break in to some random people's house any time you want to see what are they doing. but as everything devolop,

你好!private,是形容词,私有的 privacy,名词,n. 隐私,秘密;隐居;私事;不受公众干扰的状态;如有疑问,请追问.

1.隐居,(不受干扰的)独处 2.私事,隐私 3.不受公众干扰的状态

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