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rattling在这里做动名词,即rattle 的现在分词我刚想再打个瞌睡,就被仆人厅里的洗涮盘子和碗的声音吵醒.

Jenny was a poor girl Living in a rich world Named her baby Hope when she was just fourteen She was hoping for a better world For this little girl But the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree Well she gets that call Hope's too far gone Her baby'


Can you go for fantastic walks? fantastic: [ fn'tstik ] a. 极好的,难以相信的,奇 同义词:grand, howling, marvelous, marvellous, rattling, terrific, tremendous, wonderful,

sabre-rattling简写 答: 详情>> 2 full name 然后简写? 回答 2 3 FRC是哪个国家的简写? 回答 2 4 PRC是哪个国家的简写? 回答 2 5 Mysterious beauty简写 回答 2 1 问: 英语 RTV 是什么简写 答: 一般

noisy英 [nzi] 美 [nzi] adj. 嘈杂的;喧闹的;吵吵闹闹的;充满噪音的 n. 响声;嘈杂声 比较级: noisier 最高级: noisiest 副词:noisily

at that moment my heart is full of joy and thankfulness.(此时,我的心充满了欢乐与感激.) he decided to visit a friend who lived very near where he was at that moment.(他决定去拜访一位朋友,那位朋友离当时他住的地方很近.) 希望可以帮到你~


knock verb [no obj.]strike a surface noisily to attract attention, especially when waiting to be let in through a door (为引起注意,尤其是为进门而)敲,敲打 he strolled over and knocked on a door marked Enquiries. 他踱步过去,敲了标有“问讯处

chink [tFiNk] n.裂口, 裂缝, 叮当声 v.(使)叮当响 chink 1 [tFINk] n.隙缝;裂口 隙缝中射进的光 chink 2 [tFINk] n.叮当声 chink vi.叮当作响 chink [tFiNk] n.(金属)叮当声 [俚]硬币; 现款 chink [tFiNk] vi., vt.(使)叮当响

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