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rEADs storiEs造句

原题reads,stories,often,she,children's连词成句She often reads children's stories .意思她经常读儿童故事.

我为你讲故事 当你睡觉的时候 i tell you stories when you sleep

Reading stories is a good way to learn English.读故事是学英语的一个很好的方法.

My mother often tell stories before I go to sleep . 我妈妈经常在我入睡前讲故事.

she always reads novel after dinner. i read this book

Without particular interest and just to pass the time, I read a story 我读了一篇故事,并非有什么特别的兴趣,仅仅为了消遣.We read a story about some Indian chiefs. 我们读了一篇关于几个印第安酋长的故事.

my father like to read the newspapers after dinner.我父亲喜欢晚饭后读报纸.

讲故事He is telling stories

reads stories;读故事.

tell sb sth造句:I have told you the pocess,but you wasn't listen up 我已经告诉过你怎么做 可是你没有仔细听

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