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in all material respects在所有重大方面; 在所有的物质方面1.Buyer can appoint their own representative to approve the material in all respectsprior to loading. 买商可以指定代表在装货前对货物进行全面的核查.2.The TEST MATERIAL should comply in all respects with the INFORMA-TION,especially with regard to known impurities.测试材料应在各方面符合信息所列要求,特别是已知杂质方面.

你就给个短语我很难告诉你具体的含义要结合整个句子看才能理解准确的意思但是大体上是差不多的with all respects 是 已全部的敬意或万分尊敬in a grand scheme of things 是 用一个重要的计划或盛大的方案

adv.(副词) In another way; differently: 以另外的方式;不同地: She thought otherwise. 她从另一个侧面考虑 Under other circumstances: 否则,不然:在另外的情况下;不然: Otherwise I might have helped. 不然我也许可以帮得上忙的 In

in some respects有些方面,在某些方面1、网络释义 在某些方面in some measure 多少 in some respects 在某些方面 in some sort 稍微 2、短语 But In Some Respects 但在某些方面 In Some Respects China 在某些方面中国 In some respects

in all respects:在各个方面; 无论从哪一点来看.例句:1.Complete in all respects.全面的,地道的2.This essay is admirable in all respects.这篇文章在各方面都很值得欣赏.3.The new house is in all respects better than the old one.无论从哪一点来看,新屋比老屋好.

respect n.(与of, for连用)尊敬;尊重 to show respect to those who are older 尊敬长者 The students have great respect for their history teacher.学生们非常尊敬他们的历史老师.关心;注意 to pay (have) respect to 关心(pl) 敬意;问候 Give my

In some respects 是一个固定词组,指“在某些方面”


in some aspects和in some respects都是对的,都用来指“在某些方面”.表达“在某些方面”还有in some ways.例句:1. In some respects at least, she looked relatively normal. 至少在某些方面,她看起 来是正常的.2. In some aspects, the


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