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spread open 是 展开、绽开.地图,地毯,花朵都能用.laid out 是 摆开. 用处比较广泛,地图、餐具都行.rolled out 是 卷开.配地毯因为一般都是卷着储存的.卷着的地图可以,叠着的地图就不行了.


lay out 英[lei aut] 美[le at] [词典] 展示; 设计; 安排; 陈设; [例句]Grace laid out the knives and forks at the lunch-table格雷丝把刀叉摆放在午餐桌上.

ingredients英['ri:dnts]美['ri:drnts]n.(混合物的)组成部分( ingredient的名词复数 ); (烹调的)原料; (构成)要素; 因素网络作料; 配料; 成份数据来源:金山词霸双语例句柯林斯词典百度知道新1all popular buzzwords in

roll out【动】转出(1) To transfer sets of data, such as files or computer programs of various sizes , from main storage to auxiliary storage for the purpose of freeing main storage for another use.将数据集(如各种大小的文件或计算机程序)从主

roll out project推出的项目双语对照例句:1. If the project works, roll it out. 如果某项政策奏效,就全面推行.

we have red,green and yellow pants for you.(改为同义句)we have (pants) (of)red,green and yellow for you.

internet search giant 网络搜索巨头,这里特指Google,Android系统就是Google出的.关于Nexus One要知道一点,这是Google出的一款手机,HTC只是带工,gm66nd也不是什么商标和牌子,而是被HX了的G-O-O-G-L-E这个词……这句意译为“HTC制造了能够出色发挥网络搜索巨头Goo-gle创造和推崇的Android系统潜力的Nexus One手机”,意指HTC的生产质量很高.翻译的话the internet search giant rolled out to这段不必直译,一般译为“HTC制造了Android平台旗舰Google Nexus One手机”即可.

comparable product可比产品comparable product可比产品comparable product英[kmprbl prdkt]美[kmprbl prdkt]n.可比产品; 类似的产品,同类产品

coming out on top 名列前茅;居榜首 例句: 1. He offers the following five tips for coming out on top in pay negotiations: 他传授了应聘者在薪资谈判中占据主动的五大秘诀: 2. European cities have some of the highest daily parking rates, with

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