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sEt oFF什么意思中文翻译

set off na.分;分割;划开;区划 出发;动身;引起 例句 1.When he got to Shanghai , the ship had already set off . 他到达上海时,轮船已经开走了。 2.This would set off alarm bells in Beijing if it proved to be a true picture of ex...

set off 出发, 动身 He proposed to set off immediately. 他建议立即动身。 (使)开始; 引起 She had stopped crying but his shouting set her off again. 她已经不哭了, 但是他的大声喊叫使她又哭了起来。 点燃, 爆炸 Be careful that you don...

It's time for us to set off the airport. Please pay more patience, we still have a long way to go. That young man stood up slowly with throwing the cigarette end, then he disappeared at the end of the street.


O/B-- 是on behalf的意思,意思就是说代表....的利益 i.e. 是拉丁文 id est 的缩写,它的意思就是“那就是说,换句话说”,

The protection of trees, that is, to protect themselves。


但是它同时也引起了蒙哥马利的抵制巴士运动。 它持续了一年多并最终拉开了民权运动的序幕。

应该是send off/out/in/on/INTO/up 吧? send off vt. 寄出(逐出,欢送) 例句与用法: 1. Please see that these parcels are sent off at once. 请务必把这些包裹立即寄出。 2. I thought his mother had died, but fortunately I met someone wh...


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