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sign up for和sign up with的区别是:意思不同、e799bee5baa6e58685e5aeb931333431353966用法不同<br>一、意思不同<br>1、sign up for的意思是:报名参加;学生会报名;注册,选课<br>例句:<br>She's decided to sign up for music

before you sign up for this courses,you should know somthing about it .

这个词汇的意思是:报名,签约参加工作, 签约雇用. I sign up,because I want to make money.

sign up for1、释义:注册,选课;报名参加2、短语:Sign-up for Points 注册赚钱 Sign me up for the extended warranty 给我再签一些保单3、例句:One great way to meet new people is to sign up for a class that you always wanted to take . 认识新

sign up for是动词词组后面跟sth,意思是报名或是选课.

sign up 就是“注册”的意思,点那个按钮可以注册一个新账号.

翻译如下 sign up 报名;跟…签订合同 例句 Lisa: I'll sign up tomorrow. 丽莎:我明天就要去报名了.

sign up 签约雇用,签约参加They manage to sign up all the best performers.他们设法跟所有最佳演员签订合同.如果是sign-up 则意思为注册,签约. 另sign up for意思是“报名参加”.

sign up: 签雇用合约;签约雇用;签约工作;进入后 点 签雇用合约

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