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搜一下:More and more American parents, students, educators, political and business leaders have come t

Students's学生的 Sports 运动 Center中心 连起来就是学生运动中心



Cell phones are a wonderful convenience and fun gadgets to have. However, there is still debate about whether or not they belong in schools. Consensus needs to be reached between parents, students, and educators regarding the fair use in

Reform of college English EducationAs college English education is greatly college English education reform requires efforts of both educators and students. The

Apple is committed to the use of computer experience to bring the world's best students, educators, creative experts and ordinary consumers.

Many educators feel (that as students gain confidence in themselves 主语 谓语 ( as条件状语从句and their abilities ,they are less likely to cheat )宾语从句 从句中的主句 )完整的就是educator fee that as., students翻译:许多教育学家认为,随着学生自信心与能力的增强,他们就会减少作弊的可能性. be likely to do sth 可能做某事

Harvard University is among one of the first American universities to accept Chinese students.Chinese educators, scientists and artists have always maintain academic exchanges with it.

顺手采纳答案我们调查了一些中学生最喜爱的节目 翻译成英文是We investigated some programmes which are most liked by the middle school students

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