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suppresses v. 压制; ( suppress的第三人称单数 ) 抑制(感情等); 禁止发表; (或发展) 阻止…的生长;

格式控制 %d 代表整型 %c 代表单个字符 %s 代表字符串 %f 代表的是实数,可以用小数形式和指数形式的输入 %e%E%g%G与%f格式相同 %u 代表无符号的十进制整数 %o 代表八进制无符号形式输入整数 %x 代表十六进制无符号整数

Silk Moisture Bar丝保湿条Moisture保湿; 例句:1.Mulch suppresses weeds and holds moisture in the soil. 护根物可以抑制杂草生长,保持土壤水分..很高兴为你解答!如有不懂,请追问. 谢谢!

use iq suppresses you用智商压制你重点词汇use使用; 使用权; 功能; 运用; 消耗; 服用suppresses压制; 抑制( suppress的第三人称单数 ); 禁止发表; 阻止

FR:意思是 FRONT RIGHT(前右) FL :意思是FRONT LEFT (前左) RR:意思是REAR RIGHT(后右) RL:意思是REAR LEFT(后左) 扩展资料:汽车配件专用语:1 、ACC activated carbon canister 活性碳罐2 、ACI automatic car


suppress vt. 及物动词1.to stop people from opposing thegovernment, especially by using force 〔尤指用武力〕镇压制止压制 The revolt was ruthlessly suppressed by themilitary .叛乱受到军方的残酷镇压.2.to prevent important information or

在说之前我想告诉你,想要发IF10非常难,尤其是SCI更难了!像我们医院神经外科的主任我们的副院长,我看最高才IF4.78( 代表论文: suppresses the producuman monocyte-derived dendritic c and req activon of ade receptor A(2b) via

Often abbreviated to MRS, this type of bacterial growth medium is so-mamed by its inventors: de Man, Rogosa and Sharp. Developed in 1960, this medium was designed to favour the luxuriant growth of lactobacilli for lab study. It contains sodium

Uncleavable 来源于un+cleave 分裂+able 比如An uncleavable form of pro-scatter factor suppresses tumor growth and dissemination in mice.

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