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没有区别, 两者都可用作 volcano 的复数.

volcanoes 火山群


When Mount Pinatubo suddenly erupted on 9 June 1991, the power of volcanoes past and present again hit the headlines.当P火山在1991年6月1日突然喷发的时候,火山过去与现在的威力再一次成为头条.volcanoes are the ultimate earthmoving


歌曲名:Young Volcanoes歌手:Fall Out Boy专辑:Save Rock And RollWhen Rome's in ruinsWe are the lionsFree of the coliseums.In poison places,We are anti-venom,We're the beginning of the endTonight the foxes hunt the hounds,It's all over

Lesson 67 VolcanoesTazieff,the Polish scientist,went to Lake Kive in the Congo in 1948 to observe a new volcano which he called Kituro.After taking photographs,he had to leave almost at once because a river of liquid rock threatened to surround

volcano 英 [vl'ken] 美 [vl'keno] n. 火山 [ 复数 volcanoes或volcanos ] 词组短语:active volcano活火山 dormant volcano休眠火山;睡火山,休火山 extinct volcano死火山 英文解释及例句:N-COUNT A volcano is a mountain from which

volcanos 或volcanoes祝学习进步,天天快乐!满意请采纳!有问题追问!谢谢!:)

a lot 在这里是名词成分.不是副词也不是形容词.类似如:We have a lot in common.

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