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wAlkAwAy point什么意思

离场点 具体意思不是很清楚 感觉像炒股啊 呵呵 到这个价格就离场

walk-away price意为【步行路程价】。


Dia第一张个人专辑《RED》里面很好听的一首歌,下面是“Walk Away”的背景 "Walk Away" I wrote this song about a girl who was "given" to her father's friends for entertainment at the ripe age of eight. Yes, true story. However, for th...

歌曲:Walkaway 歌手:Cast if You’ve heard all they’ve got to say 如果你听说过他们说的所有 You looked but turned away 你看到了却又转身离开 Just walk away walk away 就这样离开吧 离开 You’ve said all you got to say 你说了你所能说的...

Walk away-Blue Is this masquerade finally over 化妆舞会最终结束了吗? Can we put down the roles that we've played so many times 我们可以放下扮演了许多次的角色吗? Is this really the final curtain 这真的是最后的演出了吗? The end o...

turn around and walk away 回转头去走开。 . ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

歌曲:only love 歌手:trademark乐队 专辑:only love [ti:only love] [ar:trademark乐队] [al:only love] [by:洪湖渔夫] only love 唯一的爱 演唱:trademark乐队(真情马克) two a.m. and the rain is falling (凌晨2点的凄风苦雨中) here we a...



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