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大规模的: 1. large-scale 2. massive 3. extensive 其它相关解释: <largescale> <Mass.> <spacious> <wholesale> <cosmically> <wholescale> <grand-scale> <production scale> <in the large> <full-dress> <on a large scale> <commercial scale>

Through the actual incident investigations, front collision patterns from the collision can contact form, collision speed from two aspects, divided into positive condition declivitous contact form, left, right, left bias tilt tilt right bias, left, right, right inclined

11 China automobile industry of the whole scaleIn 2002, China's automotive industry of annual accumulative total production automobile 325 million vehicles, 38 percent year-on-year, Sales of cars, 8 million 324Year-on-year, 37 (1 %. One car

3 establish a sound system of local government bond issuance 3.1 improve the local government bond issuance and

自己翻的,偶TEM8哦,不过对金融英语可能不是很专业 里面的专业术语我查了好多 Meanwhile, the multi-level capital market is strongly required by the wholescale & multi-

The meeting exhibition industry is the generic name of meeting industry and exhibition industry, belonging to servicing business, then pass to hold a multiform meeting and exhibit, include large and international exposition exposition, commodity fair

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